February 2020

Version 3.3.0 – 06/02/2020

New Reports and … New interface

Our team has created 3 new synthetic reports to measure more deeply your campaigns, at a glance :

Customer Journey : analysis of your campaign results per channel

Transaction ID : analysis of your campaign results per transaction ID

Path Explorer : analysis of your customer journey per channel or campaign

Lastly, Adloop has a new design with his new user interface, more ergonomic and with faster loading time.

Please feel free to contact your Customer Success Consultant to get more information !



Version 3.3.2 – 12/02/2020

Addition of a new partner, RTB House

RTB House, a retargeting solution for advertisers has been configured to collect automaticaly all costs and UTM classifications (campaign, content, source, medium, keyword).



Version 3.3.3 – 17/02/2020

New custom dimension, “Custom Label”

SEA, Shopping and Display channels have now two new dimensions : Adgroup Label and Campaign Label.

Labels allow you to categorize your campaigns and ad groups and use those categories to simplify your workflow in a variety of ways (Source : Google).



View of Adloop data on third party platform

We can collect and send KPI from Adloop, trusted and neutral third-party to report tools from your partners (Affiliation, retargeting…).

Ex : An advertiser want to view revenue and orders attributed per affiliate (calculated by Adloop), on his third party affiliation report in order to remunerate his affiliates in accordance to their performance.


New Facebook Ads tracking template (Placement)

The tracking template for Facebook Ads is evolving and enable to retreive the placement information.

You should now use the new one, adlfid={{ad.id}}|{{placement}}.

Version 3.3.4 – 27/02/2020

Addition of a new partner, Webgains

Webgains API, an affiliate marketing platform for advertisers has been configured to collect automaticaly all costs and classifications (id affiliate, name affiliate, affiliate type).